Tjeldøya Slott – By the Portal of Lofoten

Welcome to “The Castle”!

For booking, please go to AirBnb or or call:

Ragnar, the owner at +47 908 12 050

Kjell, Co-host +47 905 34724

We are situated by the Portal to Lofoten and offer perfect accommodation! Tjeldøya is a little bit of a Saga Island in itself. You will be staying by the entrance to Lofoten on quite historical grounds. Found just next to “The Castle” is an old path with traces of settlements from the Stone Age. These settlements are more than 8000 years old!

The Vikings that resided in this area were truly adventurous and fearless spirits. Living just on the border of their known world they knew nothing of the world further North. They believed, however, that the further North you came, the closer to hell you got. We like to believe that they found peace, tranquility and a way of living here. Truly, they were explorers with a bit of bravery in their blood – just like you.